Frequently Asked Questions

What is a price match policy?
Many companies will offer to price match their competitors; this means if a lower price is found, the original merchant will match it and refund the difference back to the customer.
Is Pricerazzi a travel agency?
No, Pricerazzi is not an agent to book your trips and excursions through directly. Instead, Pricerazzi acts as a third party service which automatically searches for lower prices on flights you have already purchased.
What does it cost to use Pricerazzi Travel?
Our services come free of charge! If you get money back, feel free to share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
Can I use the Pricerazzi app to price match my flights too?
The Pricerazzi app is only for purchases on items made in-store. To simplify price matching your flights, we suggest registering your email address with Pricerazzi instead.
Why does it matter how fast I get my deal?
Due to’s policy which states a lower price must found within 24 hours since the original booking was purchased, time is of the essence to claim your deal! The faster we have access to your travel itinerary, the better chance we have of finding you a deal.
How do I fly for free?
When a lower price is found on flights booked through, the customer (that’s you!) receives not only the price difference as a refund, but also an additional $50.00 travel credit. Depending on the price of your flight and the deal we find, the $50 has the potential to cover the expense of your flight, or even put a little extra coin in your pocket!
I didn’t I receive my 50$ credit. Why?
First, you need to make sure you have an account in order to claim your credit. You should still be able to claim your credit even if you register an account after the purchase, so hurry and claim your money!
I already have an account, but still no credit. Why?
If you already have a preexisting account and still didn’t receive your $50, it could be due to’s Best Price Gurantee policy. It states that a customer can only be credited 3 times per month. If you have already been credited 3 times this month, you are no longer eligible for the $50 at this time.
How do I get my money back after I claim my deal?
Once Pricerazzi has notified you of a price drop and you have accepted the deal, you’ll be transferred to a one-time payment screen. You’ll be asked to input your credit card information so Pricerazzi can take 15% of price difference between your original booking and the new deal as a finders fee. Once this step is complete, Pricerazzi forwards your new deal and they take care of the rest of the refund.
How long does it take to see my savings?
After Pricerazzi has submitted a refund on your behalf, you should see an adjustment on your credit card within 48-72 hours.
Did we answer your questions?
If not, feel free to contact us at and we would love to help you further.